09 December 2015

Super Awesome Swap package from Chill82!

The Sylvanian Families Forum's Winter Swaps are on and some people have already recieved their packages. My sock swap partner, Wildberry, has, and made a post about it here.

I just received my sock, from Chill82. It's so awesome!

09 September 2015

Epoch gashapon Nyanko Kitchen review!

When I first heard of this line of capsule toys by Epoch, the company that makes Sylvanian Families, I was instantly curious. I recently got the chance to buy both the red and blue sets on ebay, and I found them quite impressive. I wanted to do a quick review of the sets, focusing on how they scale with Sylvanians.

14 August 2015

Super Neat Trade Package from EatonBlackberry!

The Sylvanian Families forum just had a summer swap! It was the first swap I have ever been a part of. The person I sent a package to was Kyraja, and she took a picture of it here. The person I recieved a package from was EatonBlackberry (Mariana). I loved it, so I took lots and lots of pictures of everything (as usual).

Cute little card!

11 August 2015

Many Updates!

I've finally gotten around to cleaning up my blog! I have added bios to my first five families, Fisher, Golightly, Macavity, Keats, and Beaman. Hopefully I will be able to do five a week and finish them all up soon. I have also neatened up my tagging system on my blog posts. Next, I will work on my other pages, the project pages, wishlist, and links list.

I also made a banner!

It's simple, but it works for now.

Finally, I have a lot of new critters still waiting to be photographed, but that will have to wait until it's not so bright around here.

07 July 2015

Village Story! And welcome Solitaire family.

My clowder of flocked cats just got some new additions thanks to the wonderful MariaDavidova from the SF forum, who helped collectors in other countries to buy the Village Story figures, which can only be found in Russia. 

And before I continue with the post, I must apologize for the quality of these photos. I am no longer in my dorm room with the window by my dresser, so I need to come up with a good space to take pictures at home.

05 July 2015

Rosie and Britney's Winter Adventure

In February I went with my family to one of my favorite places to go during the winter. Naturally, Rosie wanted to come along. She said it would be a perfect first adventure for her. My sister also brought a critter, Britney. And so, the two went on a spectacular winter hiking adventure!

(It has taken me this long to finally post the photos. I also took her out on another adventure just yesterday, so here comes a double feature, Rosie's winter and summer adventures posted all in one day!)

Rosie's Indiana Dunes Adventure

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Indiana Dunes. I brought Rosie, and my new camera, making Rosie's second adventure documented on this blog. I think she had fun.

03 June 2015

What I do instead of writing an essay ;)

Inspired by Niamh's and Paige's group photos of their collections, I decided to go ahead and take all my kitties (and dogs, rabbits and otters) out for a big group pic:

That's 118 figures! I used the containers I store them in to make a stair-like platform for them to stand on. Maybe I'll photoshop a nice background onto the white.

Now to finish that essay. And put away all those figures.

(In other news, I just won an auction for the Solitaire family, with intact whiskers and tails, and no rubs! I'm steadily checking off my wishlist.)

21 May 2015

Orcara Seafood Market Review!

Another review? At least I'm writing posts. 
Recently I bought the Orcara Seafood Market set. Orcara is a brand of miniatures like Re-Ment. This isn't an in depth review of the set, you can find a really nice one here. This was more of a quick photoshoot to let people get a feel for how the set scales to Sylvanians.

18 May 2015

The Macavity Family Reunion

Due to a few collectors' sales and some lucky timing, I have acquired the JP light striped cat family! Now the extended Macavity family is complete. I will eventually get around to writing the bios of these and all my other characters, but for now I will give a short introduction to the family relationships.   

But first, to introduce my purchases:

14 March 2015

Maple Town!

Or, Les Petites Malins, as they are known as in the Francophone world. (I've always had trouble pronouncing 'les petites' in the proper accent. Or any french words in the proper accent, really)

I bought the Maple Town "Kevin and Kathy Cat get Married" set as my finals week treat for myself. So now I have FF and MT cats! When will Village Story finally come out in the UK?

05 March 2015

Forest Families!

I will soon get around to writing family bios and adding content to the blank pages, and posting up the first Rosie Adventure, but before all that, I must share some pictures of the newest citizens of Fisherport, the Murr Cat Family! (I may change their names.)

18 February 2015

New Persian Cat Family Review!

No new release since I started collecting Sylvanians has made me as excited as the new Persian Cat Family, just released in Japan this Valentine’s Day. So, it is quite fitting that my first post on my new blog would be a review of them. Like all Japanese Sylvanians, they don’t have names. Since they were released on Valentine’s Day, I have decided to give mine the surname Love. Also because of this, the review is full of conversation hearts. (I really like these candies, I also used them when I made the V-Day forum banner!)

Anyway, without further ado, The Love Cat Family!