14 March 2015

Maple Town!

Or, Les Petites Malins, as they are known as in the Francophone world. (I've always had trouble pronouncing 'les petites' in the proper accent. Or any french words in the proper accent, really)

I bought the Maple Town "Kevin and Kathy Cat get Married" set as my finals week treat for myself. So now I have FF and MT cats! When will Village Story finally come out in the UK?

Maple Town figures are particularly cool, because they are based on an anime series. (A real one! With more than three episodes like the Sylvanian one!) I'd like to get around to watching it sometime. That brings my anime 'to-watch' list up to: cutesy animal village, cutesy Nintendo tie-in, and super-cutesy Sanrio tie-in. Well, I know what I like.

(Speaking of Nintendo, I could have titled this post "Didn't buy a Dedede amiibo", because that was the other option for what I would spend $35 on. The kitties won out because, lets face it, I suck at Super Smash Brothers.)

Anyway, back to the comparison. I could tell from the package that the guy was taller than the girl, but I thought it was about the same as the difference between my Flair and Epoch Chantilly couple. It's actually much more pronounced:

Kathy is as tall as a short-legged SF adult, like the Flair Maurice Chantilly

While Kevin is as tall as a FF adult.

Here is a sampling of different molds of flocked cats I have. There are more variations within Sylvanians, but this gives you a taste. The giants are still giant. It's cool how the FFs are more realistic, the MTs more cartoony, and the SFs more simplified. And the Russ Barries look like big plushies!

An interesting thing about these guys is that they have molded tails that can turn, like Lil Woodzeez. And they are different shapes.

The MT cats have very soft bodies, even softer than my squishy FF cats.
This concludes my short comparison. Hope you like it!

(Also, I have decided to give them the surname Miaou, because it is the french onomatopoeia for cat sounds. And I like how it sounds. Kevin and Kathy Miaou.)


  1. Kathy is so small, it makes Kevin look broad shouldered and so manly xD Their pink colour is odd for cats I think, but suitable for the wedding theme. Thanks for the wonderful review, I had no idea of tails for example!

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    Yes, the size difference is really striking. I originally worried that Kevin being so big would make Kathy look like a child.
    The pink was odd to me as well, but I like how I have no other cat that color.