07 July 2015

Village Story! And welcome Solitaire family.

My clowder of flocked cats just got some new additions thanks to the wonderful MariaDavidova from the SF forum, who helped collectors in other countries to buy the Village Story figures, which can only be found in Russia. 

And before I continue with the post, I must apologize for the quality of these photos. I am no longer in my dorm room with the window by my dresser, so I need to come up with a good space to take pictures at home.

05 July 2015

Rosie and Britney's Winter Adventure

In February I went with my family to one of my favorite places to go during the winter. Naturally, Rosie wanted to come along. She said it would be a perfect first adventure for her. My sister also brought a critter, Britney. And so, the two went on a spectacular winter hiking adventure!

(It has taken me this long to finally post the photos. I also took her out on another adventure just yesterday, so here comes a double feature, Rosie's winter and summer adventures posted all in one day!)

Rosie's Indiana Dunes Adventure

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Indiana Dunes. I brought Rosie, and my new camera, making Rosie's second adventure documented on this blog. I think she had fun.