18 May 2015

The Macavity Family Reunion

Due to a few collectors' sales and some lucky timing, I have acquired the JP light striped cat family! Now the extended Macavity family is complete. I will eventually get around to writing the bios of these and all my other characters, but for now I will give a short introduction to the family relationships.   

But first, to introduce my purchases:

The Macavity grandparents were purchased from Melanie (Mel1401 on the forum).

Look at them, so cute!
 Leo has a shirt with vest, corduroy pants and a messenger bag! He reminds me of this statue of Charles Darwin that was recently placed in the biology building at my school. One day I should set him up in that pose. He would look so cute.
 Laurette is just as precious with her dress and matching handbag, and her lovely lace shawl.
 The two of them just look so cool, I don't think I have a single other figure with the level of detail and perfect color choices in the outfits, with the possible exception of the Columbus rabbit parents.
 Here they are, meeting the other founders of my village. I have decided that the Fisher, Keats, Macavity, and Whiskers grandparents founded the town, and the area was discovered by Tom Fisher, thus the town was named after him. One day I will find the Whiskers grandparents.
 All of my old ladies...
 ...And the old men. (Milton Keats came in the wrong clothes, so I split Tom's outfit with him. It's alright, because this way they won't be too matchy.)

Just after I purchased the grandparents, Hayley (koolkaci86) put the light striped family up for auction. It was meant to be!
 They look so sweet with their pastel outfits and light colored stripes.
 I like the stretchy jumper the baby came with, but I swapped to this fleece romper for this set of pictures for the cute effect with her cousins.

Leo and Laurette's children are Alonzo, Amelia, and Alan (I made up the JP family's names, as they didn't have any)
 Family reunion!
 Alonzo is the eldest, Amelia in the middle, and Alan is the baby brother.
 But he is now the tallest, to Alonzo's chagrin.
Here is the whole family. Amelia married Simon Sandy, Alan married Clara Shima, and took his wife's last name, and Alonzo married Cassandra Caramel. Cassandra's brother and his wife had a daughter named Rosie, and when they lost their lives in an accident, the Macavities adopted her. And that's the story of the tabbies. I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. What a happy family! :) Congratulations!

  2. Lovely! I like having extended families :)

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, it makes for such interesting story ideas.

  3. Aww what a happy family reunion it turned out to be! I love seeing a huge bunch of cats xD I thought I was the only one who had a thing for collecting all the same species (mine are the rabbits!)

    I really love the outfit of the Macavity grandparents! Congrats on your find :)

    1. Thank you! Collecting all of the same species has a certain draw to it, especially when you put them all out in a big group.

    2. Great to see the whole Macavity family - what a big happy family! The Macavity Grandparents have such lovely outfits, & I especially love the line-up of the older cat ladies, they are a great group!

      I thought I would be a one-species collector too (also rabbits like Deehellseven) but got sucked in by other families. I still need to get a bunch of the rabbit familys in fact.