19 January 2017

Super Scintillating Swap Package from CastorFiber!

I recently received my christmas tree swap package from CastorFiber! It's so amazing, let's jump in!

shiny shiny!

23 December 2016

Super Sweet Swap package from ElizaJ!

Christmas rush has had me pretty busy, as well as other things going on. So it was nice to slow down last night and open my baby ornament swap package from ElizaJ!

Really great!!

12 November 2016

Konggi Rabbits: the Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculously Cute

I don't buy critters as frequently these days, since I've checked off most of my wishlist, but every once in a while something catches my eye. Most recently it was the Konggi Rabbits, a new flocked toy line from Korea. It consists of a Rabbit family of mom, dad, and 'baby', a house, a cafe, and two furniture sets, each of which comes with a mom figure in a unique dress. I bought the family and cafe, and today I will be reviewing them for you. Strap in, this is going to be a long one!


19 October 2016

Super Spooky Swap Package from the Wicked Webbedflipper!

This year's Spoop Month has been unexpectedly busy for me. Among other things, I hosted a Fall/Halloween/Spring/September-to-Novemberish swap because, why not, and there wasn't a summer swap this year. 

I've never hosted a swap before.

But hey, it seems to be going well! 

My package arrived, from Webbedflipper. It was awesome! Look at the cute bag:


22 September 2016

Even more of the extended Macavity cat family!


Sorry my blog hasn't been very active recently. That will change, tough, for real this time! I'm working on my flocking machine tutorial, and I joined a photostory contest, so there will be one story on this site, at least.

But for now, I want to show off my recent acquisition:

More Macavities??

03 September 2016

Bait Haul

I got a bunch of factory error figures from aliexpress, to reflock. They were very cheap, $1 per figure. I thought it might be useful to show what I got, because the lots are random.

06 March 2016

All The Updates!

Hey guys! I'm back in the world of blogging once again! I have a lot of updates to make so that my site actually looks like a site, and one of them is making a post about all the things I failed to make a post about! As for the reason for my absence, I only have Kirby to blame:
This nefarious character right here.