05 July 2015

Rosie and Britney's Winter Adventure

In February I went with my family to one of my favorite places to go during the winter. Naturally, Rosie wanted to come along. She said it would be a perfect first adventure for her. My sister also brought a critter, Britney. And so, the two went on a spectacular winter hiking adventure!

(It has taken me this long to finally post the photos. I also took her out on another adventure just yesterday, so here comes a double feature, Rosie's winter and summer adventures posted all in one day!)

Rosie here! Welcome to my travel journal! I've just come back from traversing the winter wonderland of Starved Rock State Park with my friend Britney Bunny from another village. We had a great time!

The park has lots of canyons with waterfalls, and in the winter...

They become icefalls!

We saw some people climbing the icefalls. I wanted to give it a try, too.


This icefall had broken apart.
We found the other part. It made a lovely ice castle.
"The cold never bothered me anyway!"

That reminds me, Britney was singing Frozen songs throughout the entire trip. They really got stuck in my head.
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"
"Not anymore..."

"Here I staand! And here I staay!"
"Would you let it go already!"

As we hiked down the trail, we kept an eye out for bald eagles. They are migrating at this time of year.

"Do you see any from up there?"
"No. Try the binoculars!"

"This isn't going to work"

We caught sight of a few eagles, but got no pictures. We did see some other cool things, like hollow logs and frozen rivers.

(I fell in!)

 After that, we went to a pizza place. I was caught in spice jail.

Then we arrived in the hotel room for the night.
I went exploring around the hotel.
Score! I had the pool all to myself.

So I swam some laps.

Then my clothes were wet. But nobody would give me a dollar for the dryer. :(

Meanwhile in the room...
 Britney took care of things, like charging the camera,

 Making some coffee.

Inspecting the microwave,

And... whatever this is.

Then, she settled down for bed.

The next morning, we stopped by the visitors center to look at things. They had a cool relief map of the whole park.
"Do you know why it's called Starved Rock?"
"Legend has it that after the head chief of the Illinois tribe attacked the chief of the Ottawa tribe, a group of Illinois were chased up the rock and stayed there until they starved to death."

I also met the catfish.

"That fish doesn't look like me."

"Yes it does."

Then we were back on the trail.
We split up and I went on the trail to another canyon

 It had a nice ice fall, but you cant go down into it.

 It's very high up.

"Hellooo down there!!"

 Then I hiked back to Britney.

She was making another snowman.

 He's cute.

Later on, we went to a park. We found some interesting characters there...
The Avengers were meeting in their secret snow fort.

 Then suddenly, Loki appeared over the wall! The five heroes raced to hold him off.

 Nick Fury and Agent Coulson went to the underground S.H.I.E.L.D. hideout.

 They got onto their hoversled and sped off to the scene.

 The Avengers had knocked Loki off the wall, but he was getting back up.

 Fury and Coulson pelted him with snowballs. He was down for the count. But he'll be back.

"I'll be back!" he said.
"Great work, guys!"
"Who is this?"
"Are you with Hydra? How did you get into our secret snow fort?"
"My name is Rosie, I'm just a little kitten,  please don't hurt me!"

 They understood. And since the fort was no longer secret, they let me have it. What nice people.

Britney went sledding.

 Finally, on our way back home, we got cupcakes.

 I rode a funny horse.

And Britney sat on a glove to stay warm.

 Yay cupcakes!

It was a great trip. Bye everyone!
Britney says 'bye' too!

Hope you all enjoyed the story. The pictures of Britney in the hotel and in the car were taken by my sister. The Funko Pop bobbles belong to my mom, she collects Marvel figures of all sorts.