14 August 2015

Super Neat Trade Package from EatonBlackberry!

The Sylvanian Families forum just had a summer swap! It was the first swap I have ever been a part of. The person I sent a package to was Kyraja, and she took a picture of it here. The person I recieved a package from was EatonBlackberry (Mariana). I loved it, so I took lots and lots of pictures of everything (as usual).

Cute little card!

11 August 2015

Many Updates!

I've finally gotten around to cleaning up my blog! I have added bios to my first five families, Fisher, Golightly, Macavity, Keats, and Beaman. Hopefully I will be able to do five a week and finish them all up soon. I have also neatened up my tagging system on my blog posts. Next, I will work on my other pages, the project pages, wishlist, and links list.

I also made a banner!

It's simple, but it works for now.

Finally, I have a lot of new critters still waiting to be photographed, but that will have to wait until it's not so bright around here.