05 July 2015

Rosie's Indiana Dunes Adventure

Yesterday, we went on a trip to Indiana Dunes. I brought Rosie, and my new camera, making Rosie's second adventure documented on this blog. I think she had fun.

Hey everyone! It's me, Rosie! I've just come back from Indiana Dunes.

Aren't the dunes so pretty?

I wanted to climb them, but hiking the dunes is only allowed on certain trails.

See? They prohibit hiking to protect the dunes and their unique ecology.

You can see small lizards around the path. They move way too fast to catch on film. 

I prefer to stop and smell the flowers.

...Perhaps not that one.

Let's go along the trail!

We first took the West Beach trail around the park

It brought us to Long Lake.

You could hear all the frogs croaking

Then we hiked up a dune that was on the trail.
It was a long way up.

I was pooped!

But from there we could see the Dune Succession Trail

As we climbed up the stairs, we could see the West Beach Trail we had already gone along.

Hi trail!

From up the hill we could see the beach entrance.

That boat patrols the beach area.

This trail was a much easier walk with stairs instead of sand.

And much cooler, too!

It was still a long walk, though!

It took us to the beach. And then I had to go back into the bag. 
It was still a fun hike. I can't wait until my next adventure!

Hope you all enjoyed this double feature. I'll try to think of other neat places to bring Rosie along to. 


  1. Aw! Looks like Rosie enjoyed herself. What an interesting place to visit.

    1. Thank you! Yes it is very nice there. I've only gone once before.