05 March 2015

Forest Families!

I will soon get around to writing family bios and adding content to the blank pages, and posting up the first Rosie Adventure, but before all that, I must share some pictures of the newest citizens of Fisherport, the Murr Cat Family! (I may change their names.)

These are possibly an uncommon outfit variant of FF cats. There are quite a lot of variations of Forest Families. You can see many here: The Forest Connection
Here is the boxed picture:

The figures I have are squishy, and I have been told that they vary from very squishy to rock hard. That's really interesting. I know vinyl toys always vary a bit from batch to batch, including sylvanians, but I've never seen some that vary that much. What's most important is that the softer the vinyl, the more oily it is and the easier it is to scrape the flocking off, so I should be particularly gentle with these guys.


Forest families adults are just a smidge taller than Sylvanians, but the children are a bit shorter.


My Russ Barrie 'giants' still tower quite menacingly over them, though!

The children aren't poseable, except the head.

The adults I own have limbs that are connected inside, so the arms follow each other a bit when you move them. The softness of the plastic makes this not such a big deal. I don't know if I would try to separate them, at least not right now. It could be what keeps the arms on.

Forest Families cats don't have tails, but the children have a hole like they could. This is probably because other families have tails, like the mice.

I love the detail in the sculpts!

Well, that's that! I tried a new way of taking the pictures, it is much better, but it depends on the sunlight. When the weather breaks, I'll take them out to the lake for family pictures, along with my other new figures.

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