21 May 2015

Orcara Seafood Market Review!

Another review? At least I'm writing posts. 
Recently I bought the Orcara Seafood Market set. Orcara is a brand of miniatures like Re-Ment. This isn't an in depth review of the set, you can find a really nice one here. This was more of a quick photoshoot to let people get a feel for how the set scales to Sylvanians.

18 May 2015

The Macavity Family Reunion

Due to a few collectors' sales and some lucky timing, I have acquired the JP light striped cat family! Now the extended Macavity family is complete. I will eventually get around to writing the bios of these and all my other characters, but for now I will give a short introduction to the family relationships.   

But first, to introduce my purchases: