03 June 2015

What I do instead of writing an essay ;)

Inspired by Niamh's and Paige's group photos of their collections, I decided to go ahead and take all my kitties (and dogs, rabbits and otters) out for a big group pic:

That's 118 figures! I used the containers I store them in to make a stair-like platform for them to stand on. Maybe I'll photoshop a nice background onto the white.

Now to finish that essay. And put away all those figures.

(In other news, I just won an auction for the Solitaire family, with intact whiskers and tails, and no rubs! I'm steadily checking off my wishlist.)


  1. Lovely photo! Your cats are all adorable :D congratulations on the solitaire family!

  2. Wow! What an awesome group photo! The idea of the platform is great! :)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I tried it before building one out of foam board. That would have taken forever!

    2. I love your group photo, your collection is so wonderful! Congratulations on your Solitaire family if I haven't said so already, I was so happy when I got mine, they totally lived up to my expectations & I hope you felt the same.

      Really enjoying looking through & reading your blog btw! :-)