21 May 2015

Orcara Seafood Market Review!

Another review? At least I'm writing posts. 
Recently I bought the Orcara Seafood Market set. Orcara is a brand of miniatures like Re-Ment. This isn't an in depth review of the set, you can find a really nice one here. This was more of a quick photoshoot to let people get a feel for how the set scales to Sylvanians.

This review stars Tom Fisher and Caspian Neptune, the fishermen, Isabel Fisher, the owner of the fishmonger, Narissa Neptune, one of the chefs in the takeout seafood restaurant, and Lauren, Shelley and Sandy, three girls who love the sea.

The scale is far too large for a tabletop scale, but it works as a floor scale. The basket is a nice size for the critters.

"Laurie, I think Sandy's a ghost! She has zero weight!"

The plastic bag is way too big for the critters to use, but it still must be kept out of the reach of children under 3.

The styrofoam coolers are great, I could see them being used in a party or beach scene. Very versatile, although they are a little large.

The ice layer is removeable. It looks very realistic. And I love the big crab.

The salmon is a good size, fish can be a variety of sizes. And who doesn't want a big filet?

The slice is perfect for a critter sized plate. It even looks a bit small, but that's probably because I really like salmon. :)

The lobsters are nicely detailed, but they are even too big for my biggest piece of cookware, the Lil' Woodzeez pot. I need a big pot, maybe from a Barbie set?

The 'chunk' displays that fit into the clear bins are nice, and I am glad they added a loose piece. I would have like a few more, though.

I must admit, I am not sure what all of these pieces are. I know there is abalone on the left, and perhaps a smaller crab on the front right. Don't know what the black thing is, but I like that there is a split one, as well as an opened crab.

The plate is cute. I can't see much use for it outside of the fish shop, though.

There are two other kinds of fish, flounder and fugu (pufferfish). I could talk forever about the contributions tetrodotoxin has made to the study of the nervous system, but the review would never end.

A horseshoe crab! I have the shell of one of these. I found it in florida, and then I had to wrap it in bubblewrap, and it set off the alarms at the airport, and... well anyway, I like horseshoe crabs. Theyre like living fossils! The problem with this one is that the spike bends easily, so I'll have to heat it and try to straighten it.

The basic set up of the shop. I'm going to build a little shelf that can hold the two clear bins up against the wall. And of course, wallpaper it and add small details. The rest of the things will go into the takeout restaurant (another cottage shop).

Overall, this is a nice set. I would have liked some more small pieces, and a seafood market is just not a seafood market without shrimp or squid, but overall it seems well made and looks good. And it is unique, there aren't many miniature sets with raw seafood, so it really fills a niche. I would recommend it highly.

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. It's an awesome set! I have never seen it before, may I ask from where you got it?
    Can't wait to see your finished seefood market- it already looks great with the boxes in it. :)

    1. Thanks!
      I bought it on eBay. Here is an example of an auction, but there are more. They also show up on Amazon. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Orcara-Seafood-Market-Miniature-re-ment-set-of-8-/171052607272

    2. Thank you :). I will take a look!

  2. What an awesome set! It is quite detailed, too. Your seafood market looks great :)

  3. Thanks for this lovely review :) I've seen alot of Sylvanian collectors fit Re-Ment items into their SF homes and always assumed they were of the same scale. It's funny how some items of the same set are seem to be larger in scale. Can't wait to see how you furnish your shop!

    1. Thank you! I've noticed that lots of commercial miniatures can waver a bit in scale, including SF items. But Sylvanians are pretty forgiving in that way, because their proportions make big items look alright.