About Fisherport

Fisherport is my name for the imaginary village that my Sylvanian Families and related toys inhabit. It is situated on a northeastern coast, isolated from civilization by a dense forest to the south and a mountain range to the west. The only ways to enter and leave are by boat or a railway branch line through the forest. The waters are rich with edible sea life, making Fisherport a desirable home for many felines as well as fishermen and sailors of other species. There is also a distinct supernatural element present; Fisherport is home to giants, ghosts, time travelers, aliens, and dimensional sliders!

About GSnail

I have been collecting Sylvanians since the fall of 2013, focusing mainly on the cat families. I've broadened my scope to include flocked cats from other toy lines, as well as non-cat Sylvanians who have some connection to the nautical theme. I enjoy making DIY projects for my critters, including an ongoing project to flock custom figures. Aside from collecting Sylvanians, my hobbies include drawing, playing video games, and going hiking.