Here is the list of citizens that reside in Fisherport. Clicking on the family name will take you to the page for that family. 

Cat Families

Sylvanian Families:

Fisher Family

Golightly Family

Macavity Family

Keats Family

Beaman Family

Marlowe/Tuxedo Family

Charcoal Family

Harvey Family

Cheshire Family

Whiskers Family

Merryweather Family

Devon Family

Gray Family

Simpkins Family

Chantilly Family

Persis Family

Sandy Family

Love Family

Shima Family

Soyokaze Family

Agouti Family

Ivory Family

Catwood Family

Forest Families:

Murr Family

Pardus Family

Tigris Family

Maple Town:

Miaou Family

Village Story: 

Redcat Family

Greycat Family

Happy Family:

Jin Family

Silvan Family

Other Families

Basset Dog Family

Columbus Rabbit Family

Neptune Sea Otter Family

Chocolate Rabbit Family

Polarstar Family

Other Residents

Giants of the Forest (Russ Barrie)

Time Travelers

Note: All bios were written by me, sometimes based loosely on the originals. Some figures are not in their original clothes, some are customized, a few names have been changed. All of these will be noted on their respective pages.


  1. Wow! What a lovely collection! Your photos are beautiful too.

    1. Thank you so much! I still have a lot to work on for this blog, but it's nice to see that it is enjoyed.