09 December 2015

Super Awesome Swap package from Chill82!

The Sylvanian Families Forum's Winter Swaps are on and some people have already recieved their packages. My sock swap partner, Wildberry, has, and made a post about it here.

I just received my sock, from Chill82. It's so awesome!

The Tim Tams are so good! I have them hidden in a secret location so they won't disappear, hehehe.

In the bubble wrap was a housekeeping set with the Bassett mother. I love the Bassetts, and this one has flat hands, so she's different from my others. (And I always need more buckets and garbage cans!)

There were even more Sylvanians in the sock. Little baby George Golightly and hamster mommy Emma Goldbacke. Now that I see a hamster in person, I want more family members now, hahaha.

 There was also a little wooden train. I should put it around a little christmas tree.

 A lovely violin, or perhaps a bass?

This super pretty flower jug, which I am leaving in the box until I have a nice place to put it. It looks super delicate.

 And something sparkly for the Sylvanians to ring in the New Year!

 This one's for the mad scientist, Dr. Snail. A bait bear, for the flocking experiments. He'll be the first to test my new high power flock machine.

 And here's everything all laid out. It is a great swap gift, thank you so much, Chill! And Merry Christmas!


  1. Aw, it looks like such a lovely parcel! I can't wait to see how the bear transforms under your flocking machine. The string instrument (is it a cello?), champagne, cute little train and incredibly detailed vase are all amazing. And I agree, the Hamsters look very sweet!

  2. Congratulations - that's a fantastic parcel! :)

  3. What a lovely looking swap!