19 January 2017

Super Scintillating Swap Package from CastorFiber!

I recently received my christmas tree swap package from CastorFiber! It's so amazing, let's jump in!

shiny shiny!

The big gold thing was this amazing chocolate bar and candy cane. 

Seriously, this is top tier chocolate right here. Dark chocolate with chocolate mousse, cherry syrup with a hint of chili pepper! 

And in the small silver package, even more candy! I feel so spoiled. :3

The big silver package held the most beautiful beaded tree!!!!
When searching for mini christmas tree ideas, I kept seeing beaded trees and kept thinking, "wow, those are incredible, no one can do that." And there it is!! I keep staring at it, admiring all the details.

There were also decorations with the tree.

Some lovely mini flowers in little vases.

Little runner rugs, a train track, a box of treats from 'Doughnut shop',

A row of stockings, some picture frames, a wreath,

some laser cut wooden ornaments for a human sized tree,

and in the doughnut box, some gingerbread cookies and candy canes!

And now we get to the presents! Yes, really there is more!

So much more!

Here are the Charcoals. They are so excited.

Inside the blue box was a little car. It really rolls!

The silver wrapping held a lot of paper goods! Some game boards as well as posters and framed pictures, little books and stickers. All printed on nice photo paper. I look forward to decorating my buildings with them. 

And the big pink box held even more paper things! It's like you knew paper was my worst enemy.
Just check out how perfectly those books are folded. I could not do that.

The white and pink box had an art set. Some coloring pages and a palette with paint so the kittens can paint by number!

I love the detail of the paint tubes. They have crimped edges.

Mr. Charcoal got some ties and a pipe. I can totally see him holding the pipe as he goes around town, looking all sophisticated.

Mrs. Charcoal got a lovely necklace and some perfume bottles.

In some of the smaller packages were dinosaurs, a cute plush bunny, a needle felted ball, and a little train to go on the tracks. It is so small, but still stands up!

Another box had movers, dice and checkers for the game boards.

They're really good, I especially like the die.

There were some holiday decorated plates, and tiny seashells! (which are surprisingly hard to find, btw)

And finally some drink and chocolate.

Thank you so much CastorFiber for all the lovely things! So many handmade items must have taken a lot of work. I'm just in awe.

The Charcoals thank you too. They had a great Christmas.