06 March 2016

All The Updates!

Hey guys! I'm back in the world of blogging once again! I have a lot of updates to make so that my site actually looks like a site, and one of them is making a post about all the things I failed to make a post about! As for the reason for my absence, I only have Kirby to blame:
This nefarious character right here.

First and foremost, I have to make my swap package post for the Christmas Baby Ornament Swap. My package was from bloem. 

Goodies for humans and Sylvanians.

This lovely angel kitty!

I love how ingeniously the outfit is designed. It's just perfect! Thank you so much bloem and sorry for not doing this earlier.


My last regular post showed one new set that I bought during the summer, but I also made a few more purchases:

I added a few more members to the extended Macavity family. The mothers of the Agouti (JP Dark Stripe) and Shima (JP Light Stripe) are the daughters of the Flair version Macavity grandparents.

I also purchased some of the members of the Sylvanian Market White cat family and the Catwood family, so I finally have some part of every Sylvanian cat family!

I took a new group photo:

Finally, after Christmas, I bought (with the help of bloem) a Forest Families lot. It included tigers and leopards, as well as a cute but slightly grubby cat boy who will become Rosie's new adventuring partner.

And my Christmas gifts included a set of Penguin triplets, who I found Polar Bear parents for.

But enough of what I got, here's what I've been doing! (Besides playing video games and studying.)

I finished my flocking cabinet and flocked a ball with good results. I also found out about a stronger ion generator, and put it in my new cabinet, but it has been too dry to flock recently, so I haven't tested it.

I also set up my diorama, a little pier scene on top of two shelves. I'll have pictures of it soon, but you can kind of see the early stages of it in the picture above. I'm hoping that I can get the base set up and decorated once I'm a little less busy. Then I can get to decorating the buildings!

But in between those plans I hope to spend some time working on my site, compiling my reflocking tutorial and writing bios for all the families. I have already added some new bios and updated all the family pages with pictures. There are still a few figures I have yet to photograph. I missed taking my critters out for pictures and crafting life stories for them, haha.

Anyway, that's all the news, which isn't really that new. I just felt that I had to post something to fill in for months of no posts.

*runs off to put together links page*


  1. Hello,

    What a lovely angel kitty you got! :) The dress looks very elaborate.

    I like the group photo of your Sylvanians. Very cute. Are the brown and orange striped cats in the front and left part of your photo original Sylvanians? They are very beautiful. :)

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi, and thank you. They are not sylvanians, but a Russian line of flocked toys called village story. I have a sort review of them here: http://fisherport-sylvania.blogspot.com/2015/07/village-story-and-welcome-solitaire.html

  2. :-)) Bloem gave you a lovely gift for christmas. The kitty angel looks darling!

    I am quite surprised to see that Fisherport has so many citizens... I never knew, there are cats with 2 black ears and a white face: just cute! Are they Sylvanians, too? What is their name?

    Kitty regards from
    "Miss Holiday"