03 September 2016

Bait Haul

I got a bunch of factory error figures from aliexpress, to reflock. They were very cheap, $1 per figure. I thought it might be useful to show what I got, because the lots are random.

Chocolate rabbits: 3 adults open hand, 1 child open hand.

'Vanilla' rabbits (Chocolate rabbits without ear tips): 5 children flat hand.

Butterglove rabbit adult open hand, Columbus rabbit child flat hand.

Spineless hedgehog adult open hand (pretty good condition).

New chocolate lab adult open hand, sea otter child open hand, chihuahua adult and child flat hand.
Sea otter is in pretty good condition.

Meerkat adult open hand, Silk cat adult flat hand, Raccoon adult and grandparent open hand.

Easy Buy sheep adult open hand, 3 Buckley deer children flat hand.

Beaver child (?) open hand, squirrel adult flat hand (hard body).

Kangaroo adult open hand, Koala adult flat hand.

Cuddle bear child open hand, Dr. Murdoch (?) bear open hand (good condition except paint drop on back of head. Had foot sticker).

They didn't smell, but they were a little sticky. I rinsed them a bit. I may need to use soap.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these. All but one will be easy to take apart, and there is a large variety of species. I'd say it was a good value for customization.


  1. Great haul! The flocking seems pretty bad on most of them, but that is ok for customizing. I am just a little freaked out about that meerkat though.....

  2. Wow, that are a lot of figures! I am sure that you will do a great job at reflocking them!

  3. Wow you got a much nicer lot than I did! I'm very interested to see how these turn out.

  4. I'd love to see how these turn out.

  5. Some of them look so interesting and somehow different. Are some of their colourings a bit different to usual too?

  6. Oh no, their flocking is poor D: I have ordered some SF baby figures from AliExpress, I hope they have better flocking! Because I don't plan to reflock them, I had plans to use them as they are.