12 November 2016

Konggi Rabbits: the Good, the Bad, and the Ridiculously Cute

I don't buy critters as frequently these days, since I've checked off most of my wishlist, but every once in a while something catches my eye. Most recently it was the Konggi Rabbits, a new flocked toy line from Korea. It consists of a Rabbit family of mom, dad, and 'baby', a house, a cafe, and two furniture sets, each of which comes with a mom figure in a unique dress. I bought the family and cafe, and today I will be reviewing them for you. Strap in, this is going to be a long one!


I'll start with the Cafe. It arrived in a huge box.

It's quite a display, but I'm sure the shipping wouldn't have been as horrific if it had been boxed sylvanian style.

A breakdown of all the pieces in the set. This image may be misleading online, the doughnuts are just a picture, as I'll show later.

More pics of the box, showing some stock photos and the rest of the items available.

The bottom of the box, showing a lot of things I don't understand, and one that I do. The pieces are made of ABS, PP (polypropylene) and PVC. The better accessories are made of ABS. The polypropylene ones... well, I have a lot to say about them.

The packaging looks like a nightmare, but actually once you remove the plastic cage from the cardboard base, all the little pieces come tumbling out. So it's a different kind of nightmare?

Here's the front of the cafe. It's pretty cute. I have my other buildings put away, but I think it would fit in next to a lot of the recent sylvanian buildings with the white/cream walls and colorful roofs. It's also a nice medium-small size.

The stairs can attach to the front of the shop or to the floor extension piece.

There are little tabs on the sides, making gaps in the side of the building. however, that does mean that it should be fairly easy to take apart, if one wanted to paint or paper it. 

The windows and doors are only finished on the outside and attach to the building with little round joints, a staple of cheaply made dollhouses. 

These at least are small knobs and could be cut down and papered over fairly easily, especially since the house comes apart. Still, it was a bit expensive for a fixer-upper.

Here you can see the screws holding the house together. All pretty basic and likely a smooth DIY job.

The bottom of the extension has no screws.

I think the white fence parts of the extension are glued in, or at least I can't get them up.

It sits very sturdily onto the top of the house. I'm quite pleased with it. Unfortunately there is no sort of attachment to the base of the cafe, either in the front or the back. 

Here's the barista bunny and the furniture. It all looks a little cheap but there's one piece that almost made me write off the whole set. I think you can tell which one...

The set comes with three chairs. They are pretty cute, if a little small for the adult Konggi rabbits. Sylvanians fit them decently well.

Plus, they can stack!

These Konggi rabbits scream Hello Kitty enough by themselves but this sign is just the icing on the bunny-head-shaped cake. 
I quite like the sign though. I know my harbor display will have lots of sidewalk signs for the shops, so it's nice to have one I don't need to make from scratch,

The umbrella is nice, but huge. I'm sure I will find a place for it, somewhere.

The pole has a wood-grain texture, and the base has a raised pattern. 

The counter is a bit small to hold any thing but the register. It's a sturdy piece, though, and has a nice shape.

The register desperately needs a repaint, but I need all the registers I can get. 

I really like the bakery display! It's huge and perfect for all the cute baked goods I have accumulated.

There's a round table...


Just... I just...

How?! How does this make it though quality control? You don't even have to look closely at it.

 Like, how can I recommend this set if I can't be confident any of the pieces could be as messed up as this. What if the wonderful bakery case was leaning? Or the adorable coffee cups? Or the building?

Things don't even sit properly on it.

That's better. Anyway, on to the little accessories (which are thankfully much better than that table). There's a strawberry bunny cake, which doesn't look much like a cake, but it's still pretty cute.

It's hard to see, but the plate has a bunny design on it.

And so do the forks. Everything's injection molded, so most of the pieces are hollow.

If Sanrio's lawyers don't get them, Starbucks' will. Love the cute logo. The whipped topping is removable, but can't be put into any of the other cups, unfortunately.

Little heart.

I really like the cups! By themselves they make up for that table. The little frappucino is so cute! I love how realistic the lid looks. I want more of them!

And the orange smoothie is also awesome.

The pieces are all removable. The straws come out.

The 'drink' is a tube that fits inside the cup, and the lid comes off.

The flat lid has a bunny design.

The coffee inside of the mug can come out too, to reveal that it's really a cup full of whipped cream! 

I don't know why, but these baked goods look sooo familiar. Can't place them at all, though. They're pretty well done, aside from the sharp edged cake.

Again, so there's no surprises, everything is hollow.

The hot coffee cup is another favorite.

The lid has a hole for drinking, and a bunny design.

The cardboard elements. I probably won't keep them, but I appreciate that they came pre-built.

Trick donuts! 

Another bunny design. Getting flashbacks to the Nyanko kitchen. I'm going to have one cutesy cafe when I put these all together!

The tray is pretty big. It can hold all these sweets. Meaning a critter can't really hold it, but it looks nice sitting around.

The cafe bunny is basically the same as the mother bunny from the family set, so I'll just move right along to that.

The box is similar in appearance to a sylvanian box, but the plastic part is actually on the outside.

They're all PVC apparently. I haven't looked them over inside yet.

The bodies resemble sylvanians a lot. Five points of articulation. The father has yellow ears and nose, while the mother and baby have pink. 

Their tails are molded bumps. Their flock is good quality, no bare spots, but the flock fiber itself is a bit shorter, so they don't feel as plush.

Overall their bodies are a hair smaller in every dimension than sylvanians, but the head is of course bigger.

The eyes are a bit less domed, like Lil Woodzeez, but better quality.

The child is called a 'baby'. It's much bigger than a sylvanian baby, but it's definitely smaller than the sylvanian child, moreso than the parents. 

They can share clothes well with my Easy Buy cat family!  They look very nice in them. I think the baby would be a little small for sylvanian clothes that didn't use elastic, though.

The sylvanians clean up pretty well in the Konggi clothes too! They are surprisingly well made (especially considering other items in the set). There are a few fraying threads, but all Sylvanian clothes are prone to that sometimes. 

The barista's dress is a little tighter than the mother's dress, so it doesn't quite fit the sylvanian.

I decided to finish off this review with a super short photostory. Sorry for the living room skies, I still don't have a proper backdrop.


A new cafe had just opened up in Konggi Land. Daddy Rabbit wanted to go to Starbucks, but Mama Rabbit insisted that they support local businesses today. 

The barista greeted them as they walked through the door. "Good afternoon! Welcome to Konggi Rabbit Cafe! Our special today is --"

Baby Rabbit shot right to the bakery case as if attracted by a magnet. "Oooh, ooh, Mama look!" 

Mama paused in admiring the decor to see what she was pointing to.

"Mama, I want! I want the bunny cake please, Mama, please!"

"I don't know." Said Mama, peering at the prices. "That's an awfully big and expensive dessert for one little bunny."

"But Mama, it's so pretty..." Baby begged "Just like you, Mama."

"Taking a page out of your father's book I see."

Meanwhile, the barista was in way over her head with Daddy Rabbit.

"Do you have peppermint syrup?"

"No, sorry Sir!"

"How about pumpkin spice?"

"Umm, sorry! We don't."

"Cinnamon dolce?"


"What do you have?"

"Oh! We have chocolate and caramel! Which would you like?"


"I'll have a medium coffee with cream and sugar, please" said Mama. "And can I also have that bunny cake?"

"I'll have a venti salted caramel mocha frappuccino with chocolate drizzle, no whip." 


"Or, something like that?"

The rabbit family took their seats at the patio outside.

"Bunny cake, bunny cake, bunny cake!"

 "Is it just me, or are these seats a little small?'

"Maybe you ought to switch to a skinny salted caramel mocha frappuccino~!"

"Order up!" 


"Careful, the table seems a little--"



"Bunny cake?"

"I told you we should've gone to Starbucks."


Hope you liked the review, and I hope it helps you! If there's any more photos, comparisons or other details you need, feel free to ask! 


  1. Thank you for very detailed and funny review ^^ I thought the Konggi rabbits would be bigger than Sylvanians, but they're a bit smaller!

  2. Ha- very funny story. It is a real shame about the wobbly table and the fake doughnuts but the other accessories look lovely. The Konggis look super cute and I adore the clothes. I too thought they were going to be bigger than SF so it was nice to see the comparison. May have to save some pennies up for these :D