23 December 2016

Super Sweet Swap package from ElizaJ!

Christmas rush has had me pretty busy, as well as other things going on. So it was nice to slow down last night and open my baby ornament swap package from ElizaJ!

Really great!!

Here's everything that was in the box. Looots of sweets (yum!) stickers, a card, some coats, and of course, the ornament!

Little Walnut squirrel elf is so cute. I love the handmade felt outfit and stocking.

He even has pants! The outfit looks so good on him, I just really like it!

Here he is, hanging in the tree. The tsum tsums are keeping him company!
(Sorry for the quality of this photo. I'm using a new lamp to take pictures, but it can sometimes be unpredictable.)

There were also these cute felt coats for a family. 

 I was particularly impressed by the fact that the buttons actually go into buttonholes!

Here is one of my cat families modelling the coats. They will be toasty warm when the next polar vortex hits!

Thank you so much ElizaJ, for the wonderful swap package! And thank you Bloem for organizing even more great swaps! I know it is not so easy, hehe.

And since I probably won't have the chance to make a post here or on the forums until after Christmas, I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday! Stay warm, and if it's hot where you are, then just keep being cool. 😎


  1. What a great package you received! The ornament is very cute and cat family looks pleased :)

  2. Such a cute little elf!
    A lovely package.

  3. Aww! Baby Walnut looks adorable! What a cute ornament!
    Your cats will be very warm in their new coats.
    Congrats! It´s a lovely package.