22 September 2016

Even more of the extended Macavity cat family!


Sorry my blog hasn't been very active recently. That will change, tough, for real this time! I'm working on my flocking machine tutorial, and I joined a photostory contest, so there will be one story on this site, at least.

But for now, I want to show off my recent acquisition:

More Macavities??

I don't know what it is about the Macavity families, but I want to have all the versions! I don't think I will pursue the other cat families with this level of completion, but we'll see.

A while back I made a post about the relations between these families. Now that I have three sets of grandparents, I switched them around a little. The Flair grandparents are the Macavities, parents of Alonzo Macavity, Amelia Sandy, and Alan Shima (he took his wife's name). The purple JP grandparents are the Shimas, parents of twins Clara Shima and Daisy Agouti. And the pink JP grandparents are the Sandys, parents of Simon Sandy and Deirdre McKeegan. Here they all are:

And here they are with their spouses and children. Macavity overload!

I have the pink Macavity sister who will be adopted by the Agouti family. Plus my dimension traveling kitty Rosie Caramel is adopted by the Macavities, her Aunt's family. (though I haven't dismissed the possibility of her Uncle's family, the (other) Caramels, someday moving to Fisherport. I'll have to see what the CC Caramel family looks like.) And I want to get at least one baby for the Flair and JP Dark families, as well as the pink baby.

It's funny to me that with all the different releases, the brother still has basically the same outfit. (except of course, the Sandy) I put them together so you can see the slight differences.

Celebration, Flair, JP Light, JP Dark

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