19 October 2016

Super Spooky Swap Package from the Wicked Webbedflipper!

This year's Spoop Month has been unexpectedly busy for me. Among other things, I hosted a Fall/Halloween/Spring/September-to-Novemberish swap because, why not, and there wasn't a summer swap this year. 

I've never hosted a swap before.

But hey, it seems to be going well! 

My package arrived, from Webbedflipper. It was awesome! Look at the cute bag:


(I'll have to apologize in advance for the photo quality. It's dark and I had been trying to squeeze in a photo session since Monday but kept getting interrupted.)

Here's everything!!!

The gold bag was full of gummy body parts. The chocolate was super cool, it had m&ms and jelly beans and popping candy in the chocolate. Wonder if I can find some more around here? XD

I love the accessories, the pumpkins all had unique shapes and faces, they're a fun bunch. I like how the sign is covered in cotton 'web'. It is kindof hard to see, but there is a spider made from a pom pom, also super cute.

The jars are a really cool use of the semi-transparent beads!

They say "Zombie Eyeballs", "Frogs Livers", and "Cauldron Candies". (That last one sounds like a sweet from Harry Potter!) 

Finally the main attraction- that amazing outfit!

I had Cassandra Macavity model it, as she is Fisherports resident witch. 

The pictures really don't do it justice, the skirt is made from this soft thick velvet, and when it is gathered up like that it just looks soo luxurious. The beadwork is really cool too, it makes these neat loops around the hem of the skirt. 

The card itself was really neat as well. The front had a photo of all the items in the package, with the dress modeled on a Fisher cat. And on the inside:

It's a spooky backdrop with a banner! It says "Trick or Treat!"

I love my swap package so much, thank you Webbedflipper! I hope my swap partner likes theirs just as much. And everyone else, too! 


  1. What an awesome mystery parcel you got!!! I love your resident witch, she is just too cute, and all of those pumpkins are just lovely.

  2. Woop Woop I'm so glad it arrived all in one piece and that you are loving it. What a fun Halloween swap and thanks for organizing it, Gsnail/Fisherport.... I would encourage EVERYONE to enter next year, as it's so much fun getting this mysterious parcel, made all the more mysterious by the fact that it likely comes from the other side of the WORLD!!! :)

  3. WOW, what a lovely Halloween parcel! :)

    So much beautiful, spooky and yummy stuff inside. :D

    Your last pic with Cassandra and the pumpkins in the fog looks awesome. :)

  4. What an amazing package, congrats!